Faber - The Bedford

Opening for Alex Gibson, Wednesday 23rd September, 2020

FABER is an electrifying singer-songwriter from South London, who fuses soulful vocals with rocky edge, nodding to the sounds of Beyoncé and Skunk Anansie.

Immersed in the world of music from a young age, Faber’s passion blossomed through playing the violin from age 6, and this desire has matured through attending Italia Conti Associates. As a child, Faber has performed in numerous venues and theatres, developing a sense of theatricality, which she brings to every performance.

FABER’s debut EP 'I AM...' released in early 2018 is packed with soft ballads, rocky riffs and delicate spoken word, catching the attention of many industry professionals - including Alex Baker from Kerrang! radio, and Jay London from Capital Xtra.

The same year saw FABER reaching the quarter finals of the Hot Vox New Blood competition - the grand prize being able to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival. Since, FABER has been playing shows in her local area, gathering the attention of South London’s music scene and finally headlining the highly regarded Boston Music Room in June 2018. These live shows will have you slipping into the fierce and mesmerising mind of FABER.

Collaborating with some of the UK’s finest talent, FABER continues to share her headstrong and passionate views of social issues and every day life as she writes her debut album set to be released later on in 2020. 

Playing with just a guitarist, opening at Sucess Express Music's first indoor live event at The Bedford since the COVID-19 lockdown, she filled the room with a vocal strength and feel that held her audience spellbound.